How to Increase Domain Authority for New Website in 2024

How to Increase domain authority for new website
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If you have a new website or an old website or thinking of starting a new online business, If your domain authority has not changed for a long time.

If you are still finding answers to why your domain authority has not changed in the long run after putting in a lot of effort, Then you have come to the right place to learn how to increase domain authority from this article.

Don’t worry if your website is brand new or old, at the end of the article you can know the secret of changing domain authority as I already changed a website authority from 10 to 17 over time.

What is Domain Authority: 

Domain authority is a 0 to 100 ranking score of a website developed by Moz in which you can realize how powerful a website is and can compare it with other websites based on Moz ranking score.

If you want to rank faster for a new website you need to have more DA than your competitors who are ranking on particular keywords. But sometimes it also matters of different factors of SEO mostly on SEO content strategy and quality of the content.

How to Check Domain Authority:

You can check domain authority on the free domain authority checker and MOZ bar extension which I mostly use to check the domain authority. of my website and competitors’ website as well.

You will get different kinds of functions that help you a lot to check the condition of your website and your competitor’s websites from which you can decide many factors to beat the competitors. 

In the Moz free version you can check domain authority factors 3 times daily and if you take their paid version which is called Moz Pro you will get unlimited functionality.

You can check_____________ of your website and competitors website: 

  • Domain Authority 
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Ranking Keyword 
  • Spam Score
  • Top Pages by Link
  • Top Linking Domains
  • Discovered Domains
  • Lost Linking Domains 
  • Keywords by estimated clicks 
  • Top Ranking Keywords
  • Top Featured Snippet
  • Branded keywords
  • Keyword ranking distribution
  • Top Search Competitors 
  • Top Question

I will explain all things in detail in a separate article but in the meantime if you want to know something about these terms. Kindly comment below at the end of the article.

From the Moz Bar extension, you can also check unlimited domain authority, page authority, and spam score for free. This extension is my favorite and I use it every time in my SEO journey.

You can also see all functionality from the SERPs. It is amazing to make a quick decision whether I should follow those keywords or not. So you must install it in your Chrome browser.

What’s The Importance of Domain Authority for New Website:

Domain authority is the most important factor for new websites. Without domain authority, you can’t rank well in high-volume keywords. If your website is new, focus on low-volume or long-tail keywords.

For example, Your domain authority is 05 and you want to rank keywords whose volume is 100 monthly but you can see when you search that keyword on Google, that your competitors are ranking already and their domain authority is 10 to 15 you can’t beat them easily.

But you can beat them through high-quality in-depth content that is well-optimized as content is the king. You should not compete rather than search low competition and low volume keywords as it will take time until your authority is little increased.

At this time 20-30 volume is enough for you in my opinion as you will find it low competition and easy to rank. That’s why domain authority is the most important factor.

How to Increase Domain Authority for New Website:

Now come to the main point for which you are reading my boring article. Here I am going to give you the whole process of increasing domain authority for a new website and share my experience on how I increase domain authority.

Know Google’s Perspective: 

Google always takes time to index new websites if your website is brand new. So work on your website to let Google know your existence and don’t be demotivated if your website is not improving, it’s only the absence of learning nothing else.

Many new websites won’t rank the first time because Google is observing you, what are you doing with your website, are you serious with your website or not?

It’s like going to the gym for the first time to lose weight for lazy people. They are eager to lose weight but don’t want to work hard. So it will take time ⅘ weeks to structure your website but you need to find errors and solve them. 

Submit Sitemaps on Google Search Console:

You need to set up a Google search console account and submit your sitemap so that Google can crawl your website well and index your all pages. You have to learn about how to integrate sitemap on your website backend.

Fixing Errors on Google Search Console:

In the search console, you will find many errors from time to time that you need to solve to enhance the visibility of SERPs. You have to fix it one by one which is part of technical SEO. You should also learn something about it.

Repair Your Website Structure:

You need to furnish your website structure by taking the suggestions from the experts and also reading some blogs and watching YouTube videos to solve them.

You can also contact me for a free consultation without any cost. If I am free I am eager to help others who are struggling with their website.

Now when all is set up well, I am going to tell you how I increase domain authority for a new website.

Create Cunning Root Domains to Increase Domain Authority:

If you want to increase your domain authority and want to tell Google that hey Google I am here why don’t you look at me? Google will tell you I am already looking at you but why don’t you create cunning root domains in different websites to increase your DA?

So we realized that you need to create cunning root domains. But you don’t know how to build it. As it is called cunning root domains, then if you are not clever or cunning in link building from other strategies your new website will be as new as ever.

So I am going to explain what cunning root domains are and how to achieve them easily without any payments.

What Is Cunning Root Domains to Increase Domain Authority:

Basically cunning root domain is a link-building process in different domains not more than once to save time and to increase the domain authority of your new website.

Although you will get a chance to build more links in the same domain, you should invest your time in building links in new websites as there are thousands of websites out there. 

How to Choose Cunning Root Domains to Increase DA:

As your website is new you need to be choosy to get backlinks from cunning root domains. You may struggle to reach out to similar websites to get a backlink but you need to question yourself why some websites give you backlinks as there are no benefits with your website for them.

If you go near 20 to 30 domain authority websites to get cunning backlinks they will refuse or want to get payments for a link and it is not a crucial part because when you also go in that level of authority you also become like them since you get this authority by hard work.

So I am going to explain how you can get exactly cunning root domain authority for free.

Find Out Websites That are 70+ Domain Authority or Nearby:

Now you may be wondering that we are not getting backlinks from 20 to 30 domain authority websites, let alone 70+. Yes, there are many websites available that have high authority and don’t charge a single penny.

Such as Facebook page/profile, Linkedin profile/company page, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Medium, and many other websites available that are ready to give you backlinks on their website.

Basically from these kinds of links, you can increase domain authority but you won’t get target visitors until you don’t know the tactics of getting visitors from these kinds of websites.

However, you will get what you were looking for and when your authority is increased your blog will be upvoted automatically according to Google algorithm if you optimize your blog post well.

How to Find Out High Free DA Websites:

You can find out about these kinds of websites by searching on Google and competitor analysis.

Google Search:

You can search the top social media websites list, top directory sites list, top classified sites list, top business site lists, etc. Then you will get many relevant websites from where you can get cunning root domains. 

Competitor Analysis:

You know your competitors very well just search on any tools like Moz Pro, SEMrush, Ahref, Ubersuggest, etc. You will get backlinks from where your competitors have taken cunning root domains.

Now you can easily get thousands of websites from where your competitors are taking backlinks.

Register Websites to Get Cunning Root Domains to Increase Domain Authority:

After getting a website from Google search or competitor analysis you need to open an account on those websites and confirm your mail.

It will be better to note down the username, password, and mail website in a spreadsheet as you may need those website accounts to get target visitors in the future all websites have tons of visitors and if you use tactics you will get them into your website.

So kindly don’t be lazy, note down all credential information as different websites have different signup patterns and after 1 hour you will forget your username and password. 

Make an Attractive Profile for Brand Awareness:

Then you need to edit your profile to make it attractive with full information and pictures so that it doesn’t look like a new user but a pro user.

Fill up every option if you need to take visitors from those websites in the future and sometimes website moderators may delete your account when they see your profile is not good. 

Insert Your Website Link to increase domain authority:

Now the main thing we will get. We can insert our valuable cunning root domain in their website to increase domain authority for free.

But remember all websites will not provide you with do do-follow link but as it is a profile backlink many of them allow you to insert do-follow links.

Forget those things, just focus on providing cunning root domains of different websites and try to provide links in high authority websites.

Final Touch:

So now you can build cunning root domains in different websites to increase domain authority for your new website and also focus on your content to get visitors from Google faster.

When you get 10+ domain authority you have some value on your website and you can achieve those things that you want or build your website for.

I hope you will understand the theory of increasing domain authority. So increase your domain authority, after increasing you can comment here that I have followed your theory and increased my domain authority from this to that, then I will be glad to hear. If you have any questions, comment below.

** FAQs **

How long does it take to see an increase in domain authority?

  • The time it takes to see an increase in domain authority varies. It can take anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on your efforts in link building, content quality, and SEO practices.

Can social media profiles help improve domain authority?

  • Yes, social media profiles can help improve domain authority by providing backlinks and increasing your website’s visibility. Make sure to include your website link in your profiles.

Is it necessary to have a high domain authority to rank well on Google?

  • While a high domain authority can help, it is not the only factor in ranking well on Google. Quality content, proper keyword usage, and good user experience are also crucial.

Can I increase domain authority with internal links?

  • Internal links help improve your website’s structure and user navigation but do not directly increase domain authority. However, they can enhance overall SEO, which can indirectly influence domain authority.

Should I focus on domain authority or page authority?

  • Both are important. Domain authority measures the overall strength of your website, while page authority focuses on the strength of individual pages. Balancing efforts between both can help improve your site’s overall performance.

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