How to Monetize Your Blog with Monetag for a Brand New Website in 2024

How to monetize your blog with monetag for new website
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In this article, I am going to explain in full detail how to monetize your blog with Monetag for a new website. If you have a new blog website from where you want to earn money and you are struggling a lot to monetize your blog in different ways, You can’t do it ultimately.

Then Monetag is the best option to show advertiser’s ads on your website. At first, you have to keep your website structure well and furnished but you also have to know how to write high-quality content well or get traffic on your blog website.

You can also apply Monetag for any kind of website but in this article, I am explaining how to monetize your blog with Monetag.

What is Monetag:

Monetag is a platform like Google AdSense through which you can show ads of advertisers directly from your website and the most interesting part is you can get approved as quickly as my website if your website structure is fine in front of their eyes.

You can use it as an alternative to Google Adsense as I feel Google takes a lot of time to approve for monetization of your blog website.

In the meantime, we are also confused that Google will approve or not my website, If Google doesn’t approve what will we do? We should leave our website as we want results to get motivated? Then I got this solution and it is pretty well.

How to Maximize Earnings through CPM in Monetag:

CPM means cost per mile (It means how Monetag pays per 1000 views). After monetizing your blog you need to follow some tactics, otherwise, you can maximize your earnings. Some tips and tricks are given below:

Bring More Traffic on your blog website:

You need to bring more traffic to your website as visitors will see your ads. You can compare a blog website between who is getting 1000 visitors and 100K visitors.

Obviously who is getting 100K visitors will make more money as they are showing ads in front of a huge audience. To achieve that kind of visitor you have to write high-quality and helpful content so that a visitor who comes to your website will also come later as a retargeting visitor.

So it depends on your SEO content strategy to get the same visitors again and again.

Focus on Your Niche:

Niche is another way of targeting the same visitors with specific topics. For example: Sometimes you write a blog about restaurants and foods and another time you write a blog about dental and patients.

A visitor who has a problem with his teeth comes to your blog website and they find it helpful as he gets the solution from a dental blog you wrote. But as you are not well focused on covering 360 degrees of dental problems.

Then you can’t retarget the same visitors. Thus you can decrease your visitors over time and it is not a good practice to monetize your blog with Monetag.

If you have not started any online website for monetization then you can start your blog website with 10 easy steps to start an online business guidelines and start focusing on your niche which can lead you to success.  

Focus on Tier 1,2,3 Countries:

If you are living in a country where advertisers are not willing to pay more for their ads, Then you can’t maximize your earnings at all although you have 100K visitors on your website and that will demotivate you and you will leave the whole process telling that I can’t.

So you need to focus on Tier 1, 2, 3, and other countries where people are willing to pay more to show ads on your website. Such as you can target the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, etc to monetize your blog with Monetag. 

How to Monetize Your Blog with Monetag:

Now I am going to explain how you can monetize your blog with Monetag through a step-by-step process so that you can earn money quickly with your traffic on websites.

Step 1: Create an Account:

To monetize your blog with Monetag, You need to go to Then you need to click on sign up. You will get a form to sign up as a publisher. 

  • At first, you have to select whether you are a person or a company.
  • Write down your first and last name it is better to write down your name according to your Government issue ID card
  • In the country of residence section, select your country name.
  • In the city field, Write your city name
  • ID verification is required later. So you need to verify your ID when you want to get your payments.
  • Provide your email address and phone number.
  • In Messenger, You can select What’s App, Skype, or any other platform to chat and also provide a messenger nickname to identify you well.
  • Then click next.

Step 2: Verify your Account:

After the sign-up process, you should check your mail and there you will get a confirmation mail just click on it and then you will be verified.

After confirmation, you get an option of Monetag login with your mail and password (note down your credentials to reuse them when you want to log in)

Step 3: Add Your Website:

Now when you log in to your Monetag account you will get your dashboard with many options such as statistics, sites, android apps, XML, offer API & RTB, direct link, payments, earnings, insights, etc. You have to click on the Sites tab to add your website and you can paste your website URL there.

Step 4: Install & Activate Monetag Plugin:

In the section of the site, you will also get a verification process, You can verify your website with a MonetagPlugin or from a direct root file of your capable hosting.

I have chosen the WordPress plugin and then clicked install and verified that will redirect to your WordPress backend. You need to log in to your admin panel of the WordPress website.

After login, You will see the WordPress Monetag plugin or you can search it in the plugin section > add new > search Montag. Then You need to install and activate the plugin.

Step 5: Connect WordPress Plugin with Monetag:

After installing and activating the Monetag plugin you will see a new tab appear in your dashboard named Monetag click on it and connect the plugin to your Monetag account. If you don’t log in to your Monetag dashboard you need to log in.

You will see your website, plugin, and Monetag are now interconnected but you are still not verified well.

Step 6: Choose Ads Format:

Now you can choose the ad format that Monetag provides such as

  • One-click ads that are well-known full tab ad format,
  • Push notification that works to push ads, in-page push ad format that will show ads on your website like a native banner,
  • An interstitial ad format that shows after clicking on any page,
  • a Vignette banner that shows ads in the middle with two buttons continue and close.

You can choose all of the ad formats with a multitag option but in my suggestion, you should choose which is the best for your audiences.

Step 7: Ultimate Verification:

Ultimate verification means your website still shows not verified, You need to paste the code of your tag which you selected at the time of ad formatting selection, in the header of your website. I used the WP Code plugin to paste the code easily.

Step 8: Show Your Ads:

After getting verified you will see a green tick on your domain name in your Sites section on the Monetag dashboard. And your ads will show on your website successfully.

I customized my ads with the help of the support team I used interstitial ads but they came after clicking I set a 30-second delay so that the user wouldn’t feel it as disturbing as I provided quality content. But you can use your ad formats as you want.


I hope now you can monetize the Monetag blog on your own and this is only one process I know thousands of processes for monetizing blogs and websites which I am going to explain one by one on my website. So stay tuned to my website.

If you haven’t started your blog website, In my opinion, you should start your blogging journey I will help you in every step just contact me for a free consultation but don’t take it as a full-time blogger you should start by spending time 3-4 hours daily beside your main work and gather new knowledge.

When you see income is started enough more than your main work then take this thing. One more thing if you have patience and consistency only then you can achieve success. If you want to start a website to earn money you need trusted web hosting, You can go with Hostinger which is highly recommended cheap, and reliable with quality support from the company and me.

** FAQs **

1. What types of ads can I display with Monetag?

  • Montag offers various ad formats including one-click ads, push notifications, in-page push ads, interstitial ads, and vignette banners. Choose the format that best suits your audience to enhance user experience and maximize earnings.

2. How do I verify my website with Monetag?

  • To verify your website, you can use the Monetag WordPress plugin or add a verification code directly to your website’s header. Once installed and connected, ensure your site is fully verified by checking for a green tick in the Sites section of your Monetag dashboard.

3. Can I use Monetag alongside Google AdSense?

  • Yes, you can use Monetag alongside Google AdSense. However, make sure to comply with the policies of both platforms to avoid any violations. Using both can help diversify your revenue streams and maximize your earnings.

4. How does Monetag handle payment and ID verification?

  • Montag requires ID verification for payment processing. After setting up your account and adding your website, you will need to provide valid identification to verify your identity and ensure smooth payment transactions. This is typically done when you first request a payout.

5. What are the benefits of using multiple ad formats with Monetag?

  • Using multiple ad formats can increase your ad revenue by reaching users in different ways. For example, combining push notifications with in-page push ads and interstitial ads can enhance visibility and engagement, leading to higher earnings. Adjust the ad formats based on your audience preferences to optimize performance.

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