How to Create SEO Content Strategy For Content Writers 2024

How to create SEO content strategy for content writers 2024
November 4, 2023 2 Comments

SEO Content Strategy means optimized online content that can be ranked on the Google search engine and I am going to explain how to create SEO content strategy for content writers.

A content writer can easily focus on the quality of his content as they can easily get the proper instruction to write high-quality content through SEO content strategies.

You can also become an SEO content specialist through this article but you have to remember that to become an SEO content specialist you have to have other knowledge of SEO content as well. 

If you start an online business for making money or you are already an established business, this SEO content Strategy will boost your team performances in terms of content writing.

So let’s get Started

How to Create SEO Content Strategy For Content Writers 2024

Here you will get a step-by-step guide to create an SEO content Strategy so that you can provide a well-structured guide to your content writers.

Write The Brief for SEO Content Strategy:

One of the main tasks of an SEO content strategy expert is to create briefs for writers. A brief starts off the production line and is a crucial part of getting it right.

Your brief should:

  • Be easy to understand and writers can follow without any doubt during writing
  • Follow the best SEO practices
  • Concisely cover the topic, while also providing the reader with all of the necessary information that they need at the time of writing and making our SEO content stand out

Basically you should write a brief for SEO content strategy considering all factors in mind above.

Guidelines for SEO Content Strategy:

You can get the best idea through the description below of how an SEO content specialist thinks during making an SEO content strategy and then you can make a doc file by seeing the 2nd part of examples after the guideline ends.

Reader’s Intent:

The first thing of SEO content strategy is to make sure you understand what is the reader’s intent when searching for the target query. For example, in this article, I am focusing on SEO content strategy topics.

So I know who my readers are, and which type of people will search “SEO Content Strategy” on Google. I have to explain it in the Doc file so that my content writers can easily follow my instructions to write good-quality content.

Research the topic:

You have to research the topic by yourself which depends on your focus keyword. For example, I have to research the “SEO content strategy” keyword online. What’s the volume and Keyword difficulty of this particular topic?

SERPs Analysis:

An SEO content strategy specialist has to take a look at the Google SERPs and articles that rank well to understand what the reader is looking for.

I have to check my domain authority and other domain authority through the MOZ bar so that I can check if there is some possibility to rank well or not if I select the “SEO content Strategy” keyword. 

You can easily increase your domain authority by implementing some sort of SEO content strategy for your website.

Question Answered:

You also have to look at what questions should be answered to cover the topic well. We frequently ask questions so that our readers will get the proper information and there is no confusion from a beginner or reader’s perspective.

Geographic Analysis:

You should use a free VPN to change your location online based on your target audience. Suppose you live outside of the USA and you want to see the Google SERPs.

According to the USA, you have to use any VPN as you will not get proper data on which keyword is ranking in the USA if you don’t change your location and it creates difficulty to focus on the target keyword. 

Examples of SEO Content Strategy (For Content Writers):

After researching all the things you should write something for your content writers in a Doc file so that they can understand the purpose of the content.

I am giving you some examples based on the SEO content strategy keyword to provide to my content writers. (You can also provide your keywords replacing the SEO content strategy keyword, but the structure will be the same for your content writers.)

Search Intent:

A content writer always is looking for an SEO content strategy to make his content stand out and rank on the Google SERPs. He needs a proper guide to make an SEO content strategy.

In this article we with the help of you (content writers) can provide some value to those (who are looking for SEO content strategy) so that they can grow their SEO and website performance to their target audiences.

So Basically we are going to fill SEO content strategy search intent through this article.

Top Competitors:

I am giving you some links to top competitors’ articles on SEO content strategy after some research with the help of the best SEO tools for small businesses (But these articles are not resources.

Read these articles to get the best idea and value for the audience so that readers can find them helpful) you can also get ideas from different articles that are suitable online to enrich the quality of articles.

(Then I will give them 3 competitors’ articles, not the first 3 but from where they can get the best idea of the topic according to search intent)


Suggested meta title and description:

Meta title: How to Create SEO Content Strategy For Content Writers 2024

Meta description: If you don’t know how to rank on Google with SEO content Strategy this article will help you to get on the first page and it will also help your content writers.

Focus Keyword & Slug:

Focus keyword: SEO content strategy


Suggested Word Count:

Words: Write 1500-2500 words of SEO content strategy

Internal Links:

Target internal links (please find the best placements for the following links and use proper anchor texts. Please tick the box once you’ve inserted the link)

  • Internal Link 1
  • Internal Link 2
  • Internal Link 3
  • Internal Link 4

Here I have added 4 internal links that are relevant to the topic (must be relevant). After adding all 4 relevant links tick the box. Don’t put the link forcefully, If it goes naturally you can put the links according to topic and paragraph with anchor text.

Special Requirements: 

  • Must fill user-friendly tone in the writing

Not let’s get started with live example below:

How to Create SEO Content Strategy For Content Writers 2024 (H1)

  • Introduction
  • Outline what the article is about

featured-snippet title “What Is SEO Content Strategy for Content Writers?”

Explain the definition in 50-60 words. Start with “SEO content strategy for content writers is…” [/featured-snippet]

  • Feel free to add more explanation under the box. 
  • Briefly explain How SEO content strategy impacts.

Why SEO content strategy is important (H2)

  • Transition sentence 

Easy to rank on Google: (H3)

  • Research and explain

Produce High-Quality content: (H3)

  • Research and explain

Time-saving for content writers: (H3)

  • Research and explain

Content in proper structure: (H3)

  • Research and explain

How to get target visitors with SEO content strategy (H2)

  • Transition sentence 

Search engine optimization: (H3)

  • Research and explain

High quality of content: (H3)

  • Research and explain

References Backlinks: (H3)

  • Research and explain

Posting content on other media: (H3)

  • Research and explain

Content Writing or SEO Content Strategy Tools: (H2)

  • 3 to 5 Tools list
  • Research and explain each point 


  • Wrap up what was learned

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ):

What is domain authority?

  • Research and explain
  • Up to 50-60 words/300 characters

What are Google SERPs?

  • Research and explain
  • Up to 50-60 words/300 characters

What is a Feature Snippet?

  • Research and explain
  • Up to 50-60 words/300 characters

Focus keywords to use:

SEO Content Strategy90044
seo content strategy template7040
what is seo content strategy6062
b2b seo content strategy2033
how to create seo content strategy10N/A

The first keyword is the primary keyword which you should naturally and where necessary according to keyword density.

Other keywords are secondary which you can put naturally where it is possible, if not possible don’t use the secondary keyword forcefully but if possible it will enhance ranking.

Resources for SEO Content Strategy Specialist:

  • For keyword research, use any free or paid keyword research tool
  • Free Ahrefs tools – SERP checker, keyword generator, Semrush free trial, Answer The Public, etc
  • Use Google “Related Searches”, “People Also Ask” and other rich results visible on the SERP.
  • Google Trends is also a good resource for following trends

Final Touch:

Finally, I can say that SEO content strategy helps a lot for your content writers and you can easily get your target visitors and achieve your content writing goal through this method.

It is also time-saving and there are a lot of benefits if you can produce high-quality content through this SEO content strategy method.

Kindly don’t be confused as this article is written from two perspectives one is for SEO content strategy specialists and 2nd one is for content writers whom you will provide the strategy. So if you have any confusion you can ask me in the comment box.

You can boost your SEO content strategy with the easiest SEO tools. It will help you to get an idea of your SEO strategy that you can implement in your content.

** FAQs **

How often should I update my SEO content strategy?

  • Your SEO content strategy should be reviewed and updated at least every six months. Regular updates help to adapt to changing algorithms, user behaviors, and industry trends.

What are long-tail keywords and why are they important?

  • Long-tail keywords are specific, longer phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to a point of purchase or when using voice search. They are important because they usually have lower competition and can attract highly targeted traffic.

How can I measure the success of my SEO content strategy?

  • You can measure the success of your SEO content strategy by tracking key metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversion rates, and user engagement through tools like Google Analytics and Search Console.

What role do backlinks play in an SEO content strategy?

  • Backlinks are links from other websites to your content and are important for SEO because they signal to search engines that your content is valuable and credible, which can improve your site’s authority and rankings.

How important is mobile optimization in an SEO content strategy?

  • Mobile optimization is critical as a significant portion of users access content via mobile devices. Ensuring your content is mobile-friendly can improve user experience, reduce bounce rates, and boost your rankings on search engines.


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